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Pharmex International is an international trading company that specializes in the trading of industrial & commercial commodities. 


We are able to source and deliver products of various origins, thus providing our customers with a variety of choices at the best world market values.


The company was founded by Henry Tse in 1989, and is based on integrity, reliability, and the ability to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Pharmex Internationalís Head Office is located in Toronto Ė Canada with affiliated offices in U.S.A, China, India, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our trading associates is comprised of individuals with many years of experience in international trade who communicate fluently in over nine languages.

Many of our traders are native to the countries with which we have business relationships, consequently allowing Pharmex International to better understand and address the particular needs of each customer and country.

As an extension of our commercial functions, our partnerís own and operate a pea and bean processing plant. Our affiliates in both Canada and the U.S.A. contract grain and pulse crops directly with area farmers.

Overseeing the production process from seed to sale enables us to provide competitive pricing while enhancing quality control. Many of these products are packaged under our private label; however, we are able to further accommodate our customers by arranging for their own labels.

As an export trading company, we source commodities, arrange inland transportation and ocean freight, and deliver the products to our customers.

We accomplish these objectives in a manner that is most efficient with respect to price, time, and service. In accordance with our desire to provide a complete service, we are please to offer both containerized and break bulk shipments.

Pharmex International is always eager to develop new trading partners, while continuing to maintain the valuable relationships already established.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to use our experience in the international marketplace to your advantage.


We are confident you will find our trading associates capable of providing you with the best quality products at the most competitive world market prices.

Pharmex International

Henry Tse

Managing Director

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